Alexa and Amadahy – Ball Busting Workout Ends in Broken Kick Bag (720 HD)



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Alexa and Amadahy – Ball Busting Workout Ends in Broken Kick Bag (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexa and Amadahy stretch in preparation for their ball busting workout. When they are all stretched out, Amadahy kicks the first kick. The ball busting pig nearly falls! That wont do. Amadahy pulls the pig up. He cannot ruin their pumped up weekend workout. The kick bag stands as Alexa and Amadahy take turns working out. They kick its balls pretty hard in their sneakers. Alexa eventually makes the pig drop with her knee. Amadahy makes it stand. She wants a turn to make the pig drop. The pig drops to the floor a second time, but the Princesses have not finished ball busting. Amadahy pulls the prone pig around by its ankles, then stomps on its balls. After a few stomps, Amadahy tells the piggy to get back up. They girls start to break a sweat! Alexa delivers a flurry of kicks. The pig gets weaker and weaker. Its having a harder and harder time standing. Amadahy kicks the pig harder and harder in time to techno music as the pig falls into a trance. They guide the pig to the floor. The pig is very still. Amadahy punches its balls twice and the pig has no reaction. The third punch brings him back to. He wakes up squealing in pain. The workout is done. The girls leave the broken kick bag on the floor. (8:46 long)
Clip contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Ball Kicking, Ball Stomping, Ball Punching, Ball

9 minutes




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