Alexa and Amadahy – Ring Master Whips slave in Rehearsal (720 HD)



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Alexa and Amadahy – Ring Master Whips slave in Rehearsal (720 HD)

720 HD: Divina Alexa has lent Goddess Amadahy Her slave for Amadahys big show on Saturday night. Amadahy wants the performance to be perfect and decides it will be best to practice with the slave a lot beforehand. Alexa expects Her slave to do its very best for Amadahy. The first trick the slave will do in the show is fetch. Amadahy tosses a shoe and tells the slave to fetch it. She whips the slave, at first just to provide it with a sense of urgency. Then, Amadahy realizes that Alexas slave is fresh and hasnt had much breaking. It will need a very severe beating in order for it to be ready in time. Alexa confides, She lent the slave to Amadahy for the performance, hoping a showing would break it in quickly. Amadahy makes the slave hold the shoe in its mouth while she flogs it. Amadahy reminds the slave that it is an honor to be trained by Her. The slave better not disappoint. The show is set to include one hundred public lashings, and the fresh slave better be able to take every single one. He must be an object of pride for his Princess and his Tamer and not disappoint. Amidst a brutal whipping the slave must also perform degrading tricks. With a thoroughly marked hide, Amadahy makes the slave prance, hula with an invisible hoop, bark, and flip its flippers. Just think of what an entertaining riot that will be for the beautiful Women attending the event! Amadahy uses every fine whip in Her collection to train and subdue this beast of a male. Alexa adds that it would be a great idea if every person in the crowd were invited up to the stage to join in the public lashing themselves. Amadahy seconds the brilliant idea! The slave starts getting emotional. Amadahy taunts it, you thought you were a tiger, but youre really just a pussy. Amadahy reminds the slave that She and Alexa have decided, even when it is finished with its hundred lashes from Her, its performance still isnt over. The show is part of a birthday celebration, and the birthday Princess will be invited to take the stage and beat the slave Herself until She is finished and the crowd is thoroughly entertained. Everyone in the audience will be enthralled by its pain and completely indifferent to its suffering. This is the complete clip in 720 HD. (22:34 long)
Clip contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Female Domination, Whipping, Flogging, Male Training, Chastity, Humiliation

22 minutes




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