Alexa and Kendall – Explain Everything to Mr Puckerman Part 1 (720 HD)



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Alexa and Kendall – Explain Everything to Mr Puckerman Part 1 (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexa and Kendall get called into their teachers office. They are in trouble. Their teacher has had complaints that they are bullying some of the other students. Alexa and Kendall dont see anything wrong with the way they have been acting. They explain, its actually nice to let losers kiss their shoes. The losers like them and want to do it. The teacher asks them to explain further. He doesnt quite understand the situation. Alexa suggests that instead of telling him, they should show him. Kendall whispers something in Alexas ear and they both giggle. They know that Mr. Puckerman looks at their shiny black shoes. They know that Mr. Puckerman wants to kiss their feet, too. Alexa and Kendall suspect that the whole scenario of being called into his office was created just so he could get them alone. Hes actually desperate to worship their feet. Alexa and Kendall talk Mr. Puckerman into seeing what happened for himself. They walk him through exactly what they did with the other b0ys. They explain to Mr. Puckerman that they dont make b0ys do anything, the b0ys want to. Mr. Puckerman follows his students directions. The only way hell know what really happened is to try it himself. Mr. Puckerman licks the bottoms of his students Mary Janes. Alexa and Kendall tell him to lick harder and faster. Mr. Puckerman does as hes told. Kendall and Alexa want their shoes spotless. Every speck of dirt needs to be licked off the shiny patent leather. Alexa makes her teacher lick her spit from the bottom of her shoe. Mr. Puckerman licks Kendalls shoes next. Kendall makes Mr. Puckerman suck on the heel of her shoe. When Puckerman tries to resist, Kendall reminds him that he wants to know what happened. Shes only trying to show him what happened. Mr. Puckerman sucks on Kendalls heel. When Kendalls done explaining her part of the story, Alexa tells Puckerman to smell her knee socks. Puckerman crawls over and Alexa covers his face with her feet. Alexa takes off her sock and holds it over Puckmans nose. She tells him to breathe in. He does. Alexa places her bare feet over Puckermans face as he breathes through her socks. (15:07 long)
Clip contains: Alexa, Kendall, Brat Girls, School Uniforms, Teacher, Shoe Worship, Sock Smelling, Foot Domination

15 minutes




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