Alexa – Manipulates a Foot slave into Chastity (720 HD)



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Alexa – Manipulates a Foot slave into Chastity (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexa chats with her boyfriend while her classmate, Danni, licks her shoes. Alexa remembers her project is due tomorrow. She’s going to need for danni to do her friend Jen’s project, too. Danni complains that he cannot finish the project for Alexa, Jen, and himself in just one day. Danni doesn’t like Jen. One time she spit on the sidewalk and made danni lick it up. Alexa thinks that story is funny. It doesn’t matter if danni doesn’t like Jen. Alexa likes Jen. Danni agrees to do Jen’s paper for Alexa. Danni is rewarded with Alexa’s feet. He kisses Alexa’s black nylon trouser socks. Alexa puts her foot in Danni’s mouth. Danni sucks on the Nylon around Alexa’s toes. Alexa wants to mention something to Danni. She would like for Danni to try chastity. Danni does not know what chastity is. When Danni learns what it is he does not want to do it. Danni confesses that after he worships Alexa’s feet he likes to touch himself. Alexa tells him that if he does not go into chastity he will have no feet to worship. Danni agrees to go into chastity to make Alexa happy. Danni strips naked. Alexa hopes the chastity is small enough. Alexa teaches Danni how to wear the device. Alexa locks danni in. She teases danni’s chastity. He cannot get an erection. Alexa is having so much fun! She wants danni to take her to the mall. Danni can buy her some jewelry to hang his key from. (20:03 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, boot worship, Findom, foot worship in black nylon socks, brat manipulates slave, slave locked into chastity for first time

20 minutes




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