Alexa – Payday slave Worships Sneakers Socks and Feet (720 HD)



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Alexa – Payday slave Worships Sneakers Socks and Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexa’s ready for her tribute. Loser, danni, crawls forward and offers up $40. $40 is an insult. Alexa expects at least 50% of a slave’s paycheck. Danni is clearly choosing himself over his Princess. Alexa decrees: No more releases from chastity until she receives 50%. Additionally, Alexa would like danni to lick the bottoms of her Converse. Danni obeys and licks the bottoms of Alexa’s dirty sneakers. Alexa removes her shoes and makes danni smell her feet. She rubs her white ankle socks all over danni’s face. While wearing her white socks, Alexa puts her foot in danni’s mouth. Danni sucks on the white sock around Alexa’s toes. Alexa removes her socks. She tells danni to licks her feet. Alexa reveals to the foot licker that she’s had a conversation with his manager at work. They have agreed that danni should be working more overtime. However, danni’s manager says that she wants a 10% cut of danni’s labor for herself. So, now danni will owe 60% of his paycheck in tribute. Danni sucks on Alexa’s big toe. He licks her heels. Alexa informs danni that his overtime will begin this week. She also reminds him to not walk too close to her. Alexa does not want people to think that they are involved in a relationship. Alexa tells danni to go into the bathroom and try a smaller chastity she has selected for him. (13:24 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Findom, Femdom, Tribute, dirty sneaker worship, slave sniffs socks, white socks in slave’s mouth, foot worship, chastity, Princess and female boss in cahoots

13 minutes




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