Alexa – Weekly Tribute (720 HD)



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Alexa – Weekly Tribute (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexa tells danni that shes ready for her weekly tribute. She instructs danni to strip naked before handing her the cash. Danni obeys and removes his clothing. He opens his wallet and hands $140 to his Princess. Dannis Princess notices, he has $1 remaining in the wallet. Danni tries to explain that he needs the remaining dollar for parking fees near his office. Alexa does not care. His withholding from her is a gesture of pure selfishness. She takes the full $141, but is not satisfied with the meager amount. Danni still has the gall to ask for his weekly release. Alexa tells danni that he will no longer be allowed a weekly release. From now on, danni will only be allowed a monthly release. He will still have to pay a weekly tribute, but will only get release once a month. Danni protests that it isnt fair. His swollen balls are so sore that he cant rest at night. This information pleases Alexa. She teases dannis sensitive scrotum with her ass. She makes danni get down on his knees and gaze up at her. Alexa tells danni to kiss her ass. Danni obeys, but again, begs to be released. You dont get to ask Me that kind of question. Alexa reminds him. Danni is really not being a good listener. Hes going to have to make it up to Alexa. She lets him know shes ready to go shopping and fuck his wallet. Danni has already maxed out several credit cards for Alexa. Hes not sure hes ready to go again. Alexa demands a trip to the mall, and also wants to take out the maximum withdrawal on dannis account. Danni is powerless to Alexas ass. He cannot will himself to say no. Alexa instructs danni to go get the smother bench. Before they head back to the mall, shes going to sit on his face to remove any last resistance. (12:58 long)
Clip contains: Alexa, Findom, Femdom, tribute, chastity, wallet rinsing, Princess

13 minutes




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