Alexandra – Slave is Kept in Chastity and Used by Mean Step Mom and Step-Daughter (720 HD)



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Alexandra – Slave is Kept in Chastity and Used by Mean Step Mom and Step-Daughter (720 HD)

720 HD: Goddess Alexandra Snow is having problems with her step son Danni. She is sitting on Danni making him brush her hair. She uses him just like a chair. Alexandra is going out to look for a new husband and a new step-dad for Danni. Danni is complaining too much about his step sister. She is taking all of his money that his step-dad left him and never lets him out of chastity. Danni is in quite the predicament. Ever since his step-father passed away, Alexandra and his step sister have been going through his money. He has been locked up in chastity for so long. He is so desperate to cum! He wasn’t allowed to cum last month since it was his step-sister’s birth month. He is allowed no orgasms during his step-sister or step-mommy’s birth month. In this clip, Alexandra lets Danni know that her step-daughter’s happiness is what’s important. She finally lets Danni out of chastity and makes him jerk off for her. But the chastity tube has been on too long and too tight! His step-sister insisted it be on this tight. Now he is having trouble getting an erection in time to cum. Alexandra gives her step son 10 seconds to cum. Danni tries so hard but it is impossible. He is told to stop or else she will kick them. Now Danni has to wait another month to even try again. month it is her step sister’s boyfriend’s birthday! She was taunting him they he will not be able to jerk off this month either. He is being worked and by these gold diggers and he can’t do anything about it! Domestic femdom fans will love this clip! (12:43 long)

Clip contains: Goddess Alexandra Snow, domestic femdom, Danni, black widow, step sister, step son, step mother, mean step mom, financial domination, chastity, and humiliation.

10 minutes




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