Alexis – Amazon Humiliates Tiny Slave (720 HD)



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Alexis – Amazon Humiliates Tiny Slave (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexis towers over shrunken Danni. She admires the work they have done so far with little Danni. His treatments have left him physically unable to fight back to the much bigger girls now. He is locked up in chastity and is wearing a pink collar and leash. She makes Danni kiss her feet as she stands over him. Alexis makes little Danni and take off her shoes and shoves her feet in his little mouth. Her feet are huge compared to little Danni’s head and mouth. Alexis covers his face with both feet and uses the leash to brace. Danni is being humiliated by her feet! Alexis shows now mercy as she pulls his face into her feet. Alexis has a new play thing! Danni will be shrunk down so she put him into her shoe. She makes Danni bob on her foot like it would a cock. She puts Danni on his back and stands over his little body. She shoves her size 11’s in his mouth while standing over him. The leash makes it impossible for him to resist. Alexis then stands on little Danni! You think she will cave his chest in while standing on him. Alexis does not care. Danni groans under the weight. She stands on him and he can’t stop her! (11:43 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, foot fetish, foot worship, amazon humiliating and controlling very small man, short trampling segment at end.

11 minutes




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