Alexis and Amadahy – Tickle and Trample Lola (720 HD)



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Alexis and Amadahy – Tickle and Trample Lola (720 HD)

720 HD: Lola thinks she can come to Fetcon and party like a hot girl. Well, she’s wrong. Alexis and Amadahy return to their hotel room to find that Lola has not cleaned it like they asked. The girls decide to beat Lola up. Amadahy throws Lola on the bed. She crushes her between her thighs. Amadahy squeezes all the air out of lola’s tiny body. She wants to squeeze lola until she . Lola lays on the bed. Amadahy offers Alexis a turn. Alexis wrestles lola and scissors her scrawny neck. Alexis smothers Lola with the nice “big tits she will never have” while Amadahy tickles her feet. Alexis holds Lola down while Amadahy works on making her cry. “You should have cleaned our room, lola. You know we requested no maid because we already have a maid.” They taunt. Alexis and Amadahy take turns restricting Lola’s air by sitting on her face. Amadahy tells her, “This is your fault.” They decide to trample their poor servant girl. Lola cries while they trample her and shove their dirty socks in her face. Lola does not want to be tickled by Amadahy. Amadahy sits on lola and tickles her. Lola screams . Amadahy has to stifle Lola’s screams with her hand. Lola silently cries while Amadahy tickles her until she bleeds. (10:01 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Amadahy, Lola, tickle , trample, wrestling, scissoring, Brats a wretched servant

10 minutes




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