Alexis and Cameron – Bikini Babes Tease a Virgin (720 HD)



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Alexis and Cameron – Bikini Babes Tease a Virgin (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexis and Cameron are hosting a pool party. Lots of hot guys showed up! The girls head into the bathroom to touch up their makeup and clean their asses. Danni has been stationed in the women’s bathroom just for this purpose. Danni licks all the sweat from Alexis. It’s a hot day out. Danni has been licking so much, his tongue is dry as a cat’s. Alexis tells danni that she is going to send even more of her girlfriends in to have their asses cleaned. Alexis teases danni by telling him to look at Cameron’s ass while she plays with his chastity tube. She encourages danni to attempt to hump her while in chastity. Danni is so pathetic! He has no idea how to fuck. His sad pink chastity bounces limply against her round ass. Alexis invites danni to touch Cameron. Danni is too afraid to touch her. Danni was started in chastity as a virgin, and will remain in chastity forever. Just to be super mean to the locked virgin, the girls are going to coerce their hot friends into getting naked. They want the poor awkward boy to oil up all the beautiful bodies. Poor danni is going to burst in his tube! (10:00 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Cameron, ass worship, virgin in chastity, tease

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10 minutes




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