Alexis and Cameron – Lola Whored Out (720 HD)



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Alexis and Cameron – Lola Whored Out (720 HD)

720 HD: Alexis and Cameron have decided to whore Lola out. The girls humiliate Lola and bully her. They tell her she will be fucking and sucking for cash. The girls dress her up in a whore outfit and put makeup on her. Lola is terrified of Alexis and Cameron. They bully her into putting on her street walker outfit. The girls want her to bring back at least $500 for them to spend later on shoes. They make her practice her whore walk over and over. Lola has too much attitude still. They push Lola on the ground and make her worship their feet. This will fix Lola and put her in her place. Lola tries to fight back and the girls shove their feet in her whore mouth. They hold her arms and push feet in her mouth. The foot sucking is intense. Lola begins to cry and weep from their . The girls laugh and laugh as Lola cries about being used as a whore. Cameron then drives Lola to the apartments for her night of whoring. While they are driving, Cameron tells Lola what they expect out of her as a whore. Cameron stops to drop Lola off for her shift at the apartments. Lola at first refuses to get out of the car and Cameron has to drag her out. Cameron gets back in the car and drives off leaving a a terrified Lola walking the streets in her whore outfit. Lola meekly walks along the sidewalk. A bystander even asks Lola if she is Ok. Then later that evening Alexis and Cameron are watching TV. Lola comes in staggering from her night out at the apartments. She has nut on her and looks like she has been fucked repeatedly. Cameron gives her the cash she earned from her fucking and sucking. But it’s not enough! Lola tells Cameron she was robbed of some cash. They tell Lola to clear self out and get back on the streets to get some more cash. (22:17 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Cameron, Lola, humiliation, foot sucking, foot worship, whoring, crying, extreme verbal humiliation, pimping, mean girls pimping out other girl,

22 minutes




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