Alexis and Cameron – Shoe Worship with Verbal Degradation (720 HD)



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Alexis and Cameron – Shoe Worship with Verbal Degradation (720 HD)

720 HD: Cameron has this silly little bald man wrapped around her finger. She’s even spoiled her friend, Alexis, by taking her shopping with his credit card. The girls have been having such a great time together with his money. They think it’s funny that they can make the bald push-over do anything for them. Cameron tells baldy to lick the bottoms of her shoes. The desperate male licks them without hesitation. Alexis thinks it’s hilarious that this man is so weak willed. She tells him to crawl over and suck the heels of the expensive shoes she has just bought with his credit card. The girls spit in the shoe licker’s mouth. Cameron tramples him while Alexis presents her shoe to be licked. He deep throats the heel of Alexis’ stiletto. The girls are extremely mean to this doormat of a male. They discuss the possibility of fucking each other on top of this piece of human furniture. It would be especially funny to them if they locked up its useless dick in chastity first. (9:29 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Cameron, shoe worship, stiletto heel sucking, licks soles of shoes, Findom, brief trample, some mild spitting into mouth, verbal degradation, very mean brats

9 minutes




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