Alexis and Ember – Humiliate and Degrade Little Danni (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Alexis and Ember – Humiliate and Degrade Little Danni (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: On the last day of fetcon at 3 in the morning, Princess Alexis told Mistress Ember about little slave Danni and all the horrible things they did to him this fetcon. Ember could not wait to play with the little idiot. Danni’s size really brings out the cruelty of the girls. They have complete power over him. They can physically overpower him and beat him up. This clip is an epic emotional, physical and verbal beat down. The girls spit in his face and humiliate him. Ember is going to turn him into her puppet. Alexis wore a latex dress to the fetish con ball and she was really sweaty. She pulls up the skirt and just sits her sweaty as right on his face. She makes him lick her sweaty musky ass. Danni tries to turn his head but he is over powered by the mean girls. The girls are sitting on top of little dani and he can barely breathe. He has no choice but to lick her ass. Alexis turns around and rides his face with her bare pussy. She spreads her pussy lips and makes a tight seal over his mouth and nose. Then Alexis takes his virginity. Well sort of. Lol. She shoves his chastity tube inside her pussy. He loses his virginity but can’t feel a thing! LMFAO! Ember makes him watch as his chastity tube goes inside Alexis. The girls have been drinking and are especially cruel in this clip. Goddess Ember sits on his face after m asking him smell her panties. (12:41 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Ember, mean girls little male slave, ass licking, nude face sitting, chastity, fucking penis with a chastity tube on, verbal humiliation, size comparison, and extreme mean girls.

12 minutes




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