Alexis and Jade – Interns Turn Mail Room Loser into Office Ladies Room (720 HD)



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Alexis and Jade – Interns Turn Mail Room Loser into Office Ladies Room (720 HD)

720 HD: The 5th floor ladies room is broken. Jade has volunteered Danni to be a human toilet to her boss and the rest of the girls to avoid having to go upstairs or wait for an elevator. That is inconvenient. The girls had to decide which chastity male would make the best human toilet.. All the girls in the office voted Danni as the obvious choice. He has no girlfriend and no friends and he was just hired. He is a complete loser. Jade is surprised to learn that no girl has ever used Danni’s mouth as a toilet. Not even in high school. The mean girl interns Alexis and Jade manipulate Danni into being a toilet for the 5th floor girls. “It will only be a week. 2 weeks tops! There are only 5 or 7 girls that will be using you.” Danni eventually agrees to be a toilet. Jade then shows him what is expected. Jade tells Danni to be quiet and not talk to the girls. He will have to keep his mouth open until the girls are done. Jade then goes into detail about how the girls will use him. Danni is warned about how Mr. Johnson likes to fuck some of the office girls in the bathroom. Danni will have to remain silent and listen to Mr. Johnson fuck and then clean the girls out. This is a toilet fantasy clip. Jade squats over Danni’s mouth to demonstrate how the office girls will use him but she does not pee in his mouth. (Per rules). (12:53 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Jade, human toilet fantasy, humiliation, shoe licking, and office femdom.

13 minutes




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