Alexis and Jade – Mail Room Boy Humiliated by Office Interns (720 HD)



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Alexis and Jade – Mail Room Boy Humiliated by Office Interns (720 HD)

720 HD: Slave Danni has finished his first week in the mail room. He missed out on chastity release. Jade had a weekend trip scheduled with her boyfriend and left work early on Friday before unlocking the office chastity boys. All the chastity boys were so frustrated on Monday morning! Jade is really exploiting Danni. She even made Danni buy her bathing suits for her weekend trip. Jade enjoys having her foot worshipped by Danni. She lets Danni know that next week is Secretary’s Day and all chastity release is canceled that week. So Danni is looking at another week locked up! Jade then unlocks and inspects Danni’s chastity tube. She allows him a few minutes out of chastity. She even lubes him up and strokes him to an election. She asks Danni a few questions regarding his chastity. Jade lets Danni know that painful morning erections are normal and that is just a side effect of the chastity device. Jade wears Danni’s key on her anklet furthering his humiliation. After a few short minutes out, Jade and Alexis decide to lock him right back up. Jade tells Danni about some heels and skirt that she wants while she strokes him. She then manipulates Danni into cashing his first pay check and spending it on the girls. They lock him right back up, take his pay check and head to the mall. Danni is being completely used by the sexy office interns. (11:45 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Jade, Danni, chastity, teasing, foot worship, office domination, office femdom, financial domination, manipulation, bitchy office girls manipulating little mail room male,

12 minutes




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