Alexis Cameron and Chichi – Beat Up and Trample Danni (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Alexis Cameron and Chichi – Beat Up and Trample Danni (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: Danni’s had an exhausting Fet Con. He’s trying to take a quick nap on the floor of the hotel while the girls are away. Alexis, Cameron and Chichi come back into their room to find Danni resting. They’ve just been out by the pool. They’re covered in oil and sweat. The girls wake danni from his nap. What kind of loser rests during a party? Danni is only half awake as the girls pull him to his feet. They inform danni that Chichi dropped the key to his chastity to the bottom of the pool. Alexis throws danni to the floor. Cameron sits on danni’s face so he can breathe in her ass sweat. Alexis taunts danni. She tells him it’s almost dinner time. She’s going to fuck some hot guys by the pool and bring danni condoms full of their milk for dinner. All three girls hold danni down by sitting on him. Cameron smothers danni until he almost . But the girls aren’t done. They surround danni. All three spit in his mouth. Alexis positions danni on his knees. Danni is to smell their asses. Alexis makes danni lick her asshole. Danni can taste the nut of the guy that Alexis fucked earlier. Chichi has something for danni to clean, too. She wants danni to lick the pool dirt off her new heels. The girls spit into danni’s mouth and on the soles of the shoes. Danni’s tongue is black. He still has to lick Alexis’ shoes, too. Danni is disgusted with himself. His mouth is full of filth. The girls make him swallow all the dirt. “What girl would ever want you?” They ask. Danni looks like he’s going to cry. They make danni say, “I’m a loser virgin.” Alexis teases the poor virgin by leaving him with a red lipstick smooch on his cheek. (10:52 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Cameron, Chichi, face sitting, ass smother, slave held down and , chastity, key to chastity lost, discussion of eating milk from stranger’s condoms, moderate spitting, shoe worship, to lick hotel carpet, slave’s tongue blackened with filth, deep emotional sadism, teasing a virgin, Doms in bikinis,

11 minutes




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