Alexis Cameron and Chichi – Beat Up and Trample Danni Part 2 (720 HD)



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Alexis Cameron and Chichi – Beat Up and Trample Danni Part 2 (720 HD)

720 HD: After waking danni up from his nap to terrorize him in Part 1, Alexis, Cameron and Chichi are finally going to let the sleepyhead lay back down. But danni’s recline is not very restful. Right away, two of the girls trample him at the same time. Danni is such a shrimp, it’s so much weight on his little body. Alexis uses danni as her stepstool while she applies lip gloss in the mirror. Chichi tells danni to lick her feet while Alexis is standing on his stomach and chest. The girls take turns trampling danni and getting their feet worshiped. Alexis sits on danni’s face while Cameron tramples him. She tells danni he’s going to get tied to the toilet next. Alexis is going to throw away all the toilet paper because his tongue is the only toilet paper they’ll need. Danni is such a wimp. He’s getting beaten up so badly, by girls. He doesn’t even try to fight back. The girls recall meeting some guy pro wrestlers at the bar earlier. They decide to head back down to the bar to see if they are still there. They think it will be funny to have the guys beat danni up while they take pictures. They tell danni to have the room clean before they bring the guys back. They leave danni on the floor, more or less where they found him, and head down for more drinks. (8:34 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Cameron, Chichi, barefoot trample, foot worship while trampling, face sitting while trampling, occasional spitting, small male trampled by multiple Doms, Doms in bikinis

8 minutes




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