Alexis – Little Danni Pulverized by Amazon (720 HD)



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Alexis – Little Danni Pulverized by Amazon (720 HD)

720 HD: Danni has been working out and Alexis thinks this is so funny! Despite all of his efforts in the gym, Alexis still throws him around the room like a rag doll. Danni even fights dirty in this clip. He pulls at her pantyhose, grabs her tits, and tries to pull her hair. This just angers Alexis. She easily pins him and then face sits him. Alexis puts him through so many holds. She does a back breaker on him that puts Danni in agony. He was so sure he was going to be stronger this time. Alexis ignores his tap outs and rubs his face in the fact that he is too weak for her. The scissoring is sick. Alexis seems as if she will cut him in half with her leg scissors. Danni at one point looks like he is getting the upper hand. Danni tries to put her in a scissor. Alexis fakes like it hurts and Danni lets up thinking he is really hurting her! Alexis laughs and gets the advantage. Alexis lifts Danni up and puts him on her shoulders. Danni is humiliated riding on girls shoulders. Alexis humiliates Danni ny lifting and carrying him like a baby. In the end Danni is too weak to fight back. Danni can’t believe i! Alexis is going to choke him out! The scissoring is devastating for Danni. Alexis stands on top of a defeated Danni. She tramples him and gloats with a victory pose. (13:34 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, pantyhose, wrestling, scissor, leg scissor, face sitting, wrestling holds, lift and carry, shoulder riding, trample, amazon beating little shrimp, trample, victory pose, socks, thigh high socks

13 minutes




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