Amadahy and Alexis – Smother and Trample Travel Size Slave (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Alexis – Smother and Trample Travel Size Slave (720 HD)

720 HD: The clip starts off with Amadahy showing off her amazing new human lamp she used at fetish con. She uses its chastity tube as an on off switch. Then they decide to see if they can turn tiny slave Danni into a travel size slave. The girls take turns sitting full weight on his face and trampling his chest at the same time. The girls bounce and march on his tiny body. You think is skull and chest will cave in from all of the weight. Danni tries to fight back but it is no use. The girls just keep mashing him. Alexis spreads her cheeks, and sits on his face. His face is enveloped by her amazing ass. Then puts her feet out straight and puts her hand on her hips. All of her weight is now on him. At this point Amadahy stomps on his chest. They are trying to break slave Danni. Then the girls put a ball shocker on his balls over his chastity tube. The girls then shove Danni into their suitcase. Alexis and Amadahy shove some dirty panties in his mouth to keep him quiet. Alexis puts some of her other things into the suit case with him. Some of bras, panties, and bikinis get placed into the bag along with Danni. The suitcase is zipped shut with poor Danni stuffed inside. The shocker makes it possible to shock his balls while he is stuffed in the suit case. Danni finds himself stuffed into a suit case with a pair of dirty panties in his mouth. The girls Bra’s, panties and bikinis are stuffed in with him. At any moment the mean girls can shock his balls and he can’t do anything about it. (10:12 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Alexis, Danni, tiny slave being by mean girls, face sitting, trample, full weight smother, marching on slaves chest, chastity, small slave shoved into suitcase.

10 minutes




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