Amadahy and Becky – My Step-Daddy Bought Me a Guy I can Ball Kick (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Becky – My Step-Daddy Bought Me a Guy I can Ball Kick (720 HD)

720 HD: Rich bitch Amadahy and her bff Becky have a new toy to play with. Amadahy’s step-daddy hired a loser who was down on his luck to be her personal assistant. Amadahy makes the poor guy take full ball kicks for her amusement. Amadahy is wearing hot pink shiny spandex legging and looks like a total brat. Becky is wearing skin tight disco shorts and thigh high socks. They both chew gum and blow bubbles in his face. This is a brat princess ball busting fans dream. The girls are so bratty as they mock and laugh at his predicament. “Get up or I’ll tell my step-daddy!” The girls show the loser no mercy. It is fun for them. She even mocks him how little his pay check his compared to her allowance from step-daddy. The girls take turns holding the idiots arms while the other girl kicks his bag over and over and laff while they do it. Amadahy is a snobby rich girl who loves to kick the guy her step-daddy hired. The loser has to take it. He can’t complain or he will lose his job and health benefits. “You have to do what I say. So we are going to kick your balls for as long as we want.” The slave has the worst job in the world but at least it’s a job with some pay. YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS CLIP! (8:57 long)

Clip contains: Extreme Brat Princess Ball busting, leggings, disco shorts, financial domination, rich girl, spoiled rich brat hired help, step-daddy’s girl, brat girl and bff slaves balls for fun, girls taking turns and sharing, and humiliation.

9 minutes




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