Amadahy and Becky POV – Cum Countdown Marathon (720HD)



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Amadahy and Becky POV – Cum Countdown Marathon (720HD)

720 HD Becky and I are so cruel to fetish porn addicted strokers. In this clip, we explain to you why your fetish porn addiction is good for a loser like you. It is for the best. We mock you for not having a girlfriend and how your whole life revolves around clicking and stroking. We instruct you to add clip after clip to your basket and count you down while you do it. We give you a cum countdown and edge you during the first slow countdown. After you cum like a loser, we instruct you to lick up your mess. Then we give you a second cum countdown this time much faster than the second. Then Becky comes back and counts you down yet again. Then I come back on and count you down some more. Your dick is going to be so sore after this clip! But this is what your life is good for. We are turning you into a stroke addicted maniac. We are re wiring your brain! We count you down yet again. This clip is a great way to spend an afternoon or a Saturday night while the other boys are out on dates. Becky and I program you into clicking, jerking, and cumming to a mean girls making fun of you. This clip will aid in your destruction through fetish porn. (18:36 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, Becky, brain re-wire, cum countdown, financial domination, cum eating instruction, loser exploitation, edging, JOI marathon.

18 minutes




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