Amadahy and Christina – A Cuck Gets Verbally Destroyed and Teased (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Christina – A Cuck Gets Verbally Destroyed and Teased (720 HD)

720 HD: This clip is so cruel. This clip shows what happens to a cuck when his Princess gets engaged and married. The slave is so in love with his Princess. It is bad enough she has a boyfriend, but now that she is engaged, she has a fiancé. This is so devastating for the cuck. Amadahy love s rubbing his face in it. She makes him say her fiancés name. The girls look amazing in their bikinis and the cuck is desperate for release. Amadahy wants him to buy her lingerie for her wedding night. The cuck refuses! This is too humiliating for the cuck. Christina puts the cuck in its place. The cuck will have to pay for most of the wedding and her wedding night lingerie. Amadahy explains how the cuck will not be allowed at her wedding ceremony but he will be used as a toilet in the bride’s chambers. He will have to crawl underneath her wedding dress and be her toilet on her wedding day. Plus all the brides maids! Now that she is getting married she has to give her cuck to someone. The cuck will be given to Amadahy’s little step-sister! This clip has EXTREME EMOTIONAL DAMAGING VERBAL HUMILIATION. This is probably one of the meanest videos ever. The girls look absolutely amazing in their bikinis. The slave is put on his knees and he has both their asses in his face. He has to kiss both of the girl’s asses while the girls discuss how he will be used financially and physically at the wedding. This is devastating news for a chastity cuck. The Princess he loves and serves is getting married and he will be used up and then given away. A Brat Princess classic you have to own!

Clip contains: Amadahy, Christina, extreme chastity teasing, extreme emotional sadism, verbal humiliation, slave losing his Princess to a better Man, financial exploitation of a cuck for a wedding, cuck being given away, human toilet fantasy, metallic bikini, and ass addicts.

13 minutes




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