Amadahy and Christina – Ruin your Orgasm and Lick it up Kitty Kat (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Christina – Ruin your Orgasm and Lick it up Kitty Kat (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy says, “It is time to get stupid. You need to get retarded! Show us your goon face and jerk off for us. Come on get more stupid. I want you retarded. Fully retarded. “ The girls mock the poor cuck while he is gooning for them. He is so hard and stupid he will do anything. Christina puts her perfect tits in his face while Amadahy puts her amazing ass in his face. The cuck looks back and forth while stroking. The girls mock his predicament. He has no self-esteem at all. The girls use their bodies to make fun of the jerking cuck. Eventually Amadahy places a saucer out for the cuck to cum on. The cuck is given a green light and starts stroking. She wants him to lick up his cum from the saucer like a kitty kat. Once the cuck starts cumming she gives him a red light and ruins his orgasm. The cuck puts out a huge load that only a chastity cuck can produce. Amadahy holds the saucer up and mops his cum up with his tongue using his hair like a handle. Eventually she places it on the floor for it to lick up its own filth. The girls are brutal with the verbal humiliation throughout this video. This is a must have for all Brat Princess fans. This is one of the best Brat Princess clips of all time. (7:16 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Christina, jerk off instruction, cum eating, chastity, bikinis, red light green light, extreme verbal humiliation, gooning instruction, and masturbation mocking.

7 minutes




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