Amadahy and Crystal – 100 Full Ball Kicks (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Crystal – 100 Full Ball Kicks (720 HD)

720 HD: Crystal is furious. The ball kicking slave has fallen down for the last time during a busting. Crystal decides 100 full ball kicks will teach him that falling down is not tolerated. The kicking begins and the salve cries out in pain. The girls shove a pair of panties into his mouth to keep it quite during the busting. Crystal kicks so hard. She loves kicking his balls. You can see the evil look on her face when she lines up a kick. The slave suffers an injury during the hard kicks. The girls spray some liquid bandage on the wound and resume the kicking. The girls use pantyhose to hold his dick up out of the way. This exposes the slave’s testicles to their full kicks. This also makes sure their sneakers don’t get dirty from the injury. The kicks are taking its toll on the slave. He finds it harder and harder to stand up. He screams into the panties as Crystal kicks harder and harder. She kicks as hard as she can. The slave falls down and it eventually gets penalty kicks for falling down. She kicks so hard the slave felt a sharp nerve pain up its side. The girls pull him up and just keep kicking. The slave starts having trouble with his right arm from the repeated ball kicks. Crystal is so enthusiastic when it comes to ball kicking. The slave cries out louder and louder as the kicks add up. Kicks 8 through 89 are really vicious. She kicks as hard as she can. She is trying to get the slave on to the ground so they can get penalty kicks. This video is vicious. The slave’s balls are absolutely destroyed. (16:55 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Crystal, ball kicking, testicular devastation.

17 minutes




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