Amadahy and Dominique – Shows Friend how Grandfather is kept in Chastity (Complete) (1080 HD)

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Amadahy and Dominique – Shows New Friend how Grandfather is kept in Chastity (Complete) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy has invited her friend, Dominique, over to her grandfather’s house. It’s Dominique’s first time at grandpa’s and Amadahy is explaining how she keeps the old letch in chastity. Dominique cannot believe that Amadahy would keep her own grandfather in chastity. Once she sees Amadahy’s grandfather, though, she completely understands. Amadahy is just waiting for grandpa to kick the bucket. Once gramps is out of the picture, Amadahy’s getting the whole estate. In the meantime, she treats him like dirt. Grandpa is kind of losing it anyway. He can’t hear and it’s like he’s in his own little world. Amadahy slaps the old man in the face a few times because she and Dominique think it’s funny. Grampa wobbles after every slap! They spit in the old man’s face. Amadahy and Dominique tease the old man’s chastity with their perfect asses. He hasn’t gotten laid since grandma passed, so he’s really easy to tease. Amadahy’s even gotten her grandfather a really cute purple chastity to match her purple hair! The girls use the old man’s mouth to clean their shoes. He’s barely even good as a shoe cleaner. Once he’s gone, Amadahy’s going to replace him with a fresher slave. She keeps him around just for the social security check; that and she wouldn’t want to actually spend any money putting him in a home. Gramps used to be an Alpha male back in his army days, but now he’s just an old letch. He’ll spend the rest of his days as a barely functional slave. She’s nice to her old gramps, though, every morning Amadahy sprinkles some glucosamine on gramps’ food so that he can be strong enough to labor out in the sun. Someone has to maintain that big pool he bought! Amadahy and Dominique make grandpa kiss their asses while they stand side by side. Grandpa has to worship the girls’ feet next. He messes up taking off Dominique’s shoes, so the girls slap his face some more. Grandpa worships both his granddaughter’s and her friend’s feet. Amadahy shows off the jewelry she bought with last month’s social security to Dominique. She’s thinking of maybe getting some with sapphires and diamonds with this month’s. The reverse mortgage has been really paying out! (19:43 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Dominique, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Shoe Worship, Foot Worship, Face Slapping, Spitting, Financial Domination, Ass Kissing, Taboo

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