Amadahy and Harley – Foot worship by Used up Wallet Slave (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Harley – Foot worship by Used up Wallet Slave (720 HD)

720 HD: The old bald human ATM is back from a mall wallet gang bang with Harley and Amadahy. The idiot ran out of money before the girls got all of the dresses and accessories they wanted. The girls use its tongue to wipe the mall off from the bottom of their shoes. The girls spit in its face and call him terrible names. He has upset the girls so much. There are things at the mall they wanted and they did not get them because he ran out of money. That is unacceptable. The girls then make the bald old fool worship their feet. The girls are complete spoiled brats as they demand that he comply with their orders. They explain to him how he is so selfish to think of himself instead of them. He needs to learn to put their needs and wants first. He will have his wallet gang banged until he learns that it is about making girls happy. The girls yell and slap and make the idiot feel terrible about his failures. It needs to learn that wallet slaves need to sacrifice for pretty girls to make sure that thjey are happy. (11:05 long)

Clip contains: Shoe licking, financial domination, financial , wallet gang bang, spitting, face slapping, brat girls, and foot worship.

11 minutes




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