Amadahy and Jennifer – Extreme Cheerleader Ballbusting (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Jennifer – Extreme Cheerleader Ballbusting (720 HD)

720 HD: Cheer camp is always tough for the ball kicking slave. The slave is kept down in the basement for frequent ball busting attacks by the squad. The slave is tied up and is completely helpless to the cheerleaders. They kick him as hard as they can but he keeps going to rest on them. Plus he is making too much noise. Jennifer shoves a pair of cheerleader spanx in its mouth. “We need ideal equipment to train the squad so be good equipment. Don’t break down on us or we will fix you. Fix you with kicks!” BAM! BAM! BAM! At one point the slave is just hanging from the ceiling. He went to rest from the kicks. Jennifer pulls his legs open and Amadahy kicks him as hard as she can to wake him up. “That’s what you get for falling resting!” The girls take turns kicking him as hard as they can. The slave screams into his gag trying to keep from going to rest. The girls tell him they don’t care if he goes to rest while they kick. They will keep kicking him anyways. Then he will be sorry. He will wake up with absolutely destroyed balls. A vicious kick by Amadahy puts him out. Amadahy holds one leg. The slave is completely hanging from its chains with his legs spread. Jennifer laughs at his predicament. “He looks like a Christmas ornament!” Jennifer begins to wake him up with vicious kicks. She hates the ball kicking slave. She loves kicking its balls. The slave is a rest and with Amadahy keeping its legs open with ropes she can get lots of fair kicks in. The slave wakes up to the horror. His balls are being destroyed by cheerleaders at a cheer camp! The slave struggles to remain awake during the final kicks. Jennifer runs across the basement and kicks him as hard as she can. The girls let him know that the rest of the squad is coming down and the real fun is just beginning. A Brat Princess classic! Buy this clip!!!! (9:49 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, ball busting, ball kicking, tied up ball busting, cheerleaders, cheerleaders using male’s ball bag as a suspended kick bag, extreme brat girls, bratty cheerleaders, ball kicked until put resting, waking slave up with hard ball kicks, slave screaming into gag while cheerleaders laugh and kick, practice kicks, and helpless ties up napping male getting its balls kicked..

10 minutes




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