Amadahy and Jennifer POV – Bitchy Bikini Girls Set Pay Pigs Straight (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Jennifer POV – Bitchy Bikini Girls Set Pay Pigs Straight (720 HD)

720 HD: This clip is dangerous for pay pigs. Amadahy and Jennifer use their bodies to tease and pay pigs. They make you crawl behind them looking up at their asses while they tease you for being a pay pig. Jennifer lets you know what she thinks of you. She wants things and you will have to pay. You will pay pay pay! You will buy her bikinis you will buy her dresses; you will buy whatever she wants. Amadahy and Jennifer show how they will stomp their foot in the store. They will pout and throw an tantrum if they don’t get what they want. They will throw a fit and embarrass you until you buy what they want. Then the girls get in the hot tub. They look absolutely amazing! They continue to tease you into being a pay pig. They make fun of you for being a pay pig, They explain to you why their boyfriends are so much better than you. Their boyfriends don’t have to buy them things. That’s your job. You have to pay. The boyfriends don’t. They get to do lots of things a pay pig can’t. At the end of this clip they give you a cum countdown. Jennifer gives you a bratty countdown until you cum. They want to reinforce your fetish of being a pay pig. You will associate financial pain with sexual pleasure. You will be a better pay pig after watching this clip. (12:56 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, financial domination, ass addict, bikini, scrunch butt, POV, emotional sadism, brat girls

13 minutes




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