Amadahy and Jennifer POV – Lose your Paycheck Virginity (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Jennifer POV – Lose your Paycheck Virginity (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy and Jennifer sit on the big princess bed together and discuss the first time they r-a*p-e*d a wallet. Jennifer recalls the party where she met her first victim. She tells Amadahy that the guy seemed really nervous, but Jennifer was sure she could get to first base with him. Jennifer was right and she got the guy to hand her his wallet. Jennifer says there wasn’t much inside, but she took all the cash anyway. Amadahy is surprised that Jennifer got to first base with a virgin so quickly! He must have really wanted to. Amadahy confides to Jennifer that her first time happened when she was really young. Amadahy met her first in the school cafeteria. He didn’t have a job yet, but his step-daddy was rich. It was like his pockets were limitless. When Amadahy got to first base, she opened his wallet and noticed he had a black card. She knew she wanted to get to second base with him as quickly as possible. Amadahy confesses she withdrew the maximum transaction limit the very first time she got to second base with a boy. Jennifer recalls that the first time she got to second base, the guy stalled and wouldn’t give her his pin number. Jennifer coaxed him and eventually got as far as she wanted to. Jennifer laughs, recalling how good it felt to reach the transaction limit for the first time. Amadahy got to third base at the mall. Her boy also needed some persuasion, but eventually he maxed out all of his credit cards that day. Jennifer remembers her first home run, the day she convinced a boy to hand over his entire paycheck. The girls laugh as they share their stories, “Girls like us ruin guys for life!” Amadahy stresses how important chastity is for training a male. The constant negative reinforcement proves far more effective than occasional positive reinforcement. Ultimately, they know. They know you’re ready to lose your paycheck virginity. (18:05 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, Findom POV, wallet rinsing, Femdom, lingerie

18 minutes




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