Amadahy and Lexi – Eating of 43 Day Cum Load (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Lexi – Eating of 43 Day Cum Load (720 HD)

720 HD: Ewww. This is so gross. Amadahy’s cuck is coming off a 43 day chastity cycle. Since it is Valentine’s Day, it is allowed to jerk of and give worship strokes for each of the Brat Princesses. He gives a worship stroke and then thanks the Brat Princess by name. The cuck finds out during the video he will have to consume his filth. The girls give the cuck a glass measuring cup for it to deposit the filth. Amadahy cheers her cuck on to stroke its little dick faster so it can cum like a loser. The cuck cums while on his knees in the bathroom. That is how this virgin cuck cums. It will never get to cum into a girl. The cuck obediently cums into his container. It is a huge load. It is a loser size load. The chastity regimen has caused what few orgasms that it is allowed to be massive. Amadahy is determined that the cuck recycles it! Most of it goes into the container. She holds the huge load up to the camera. “Happy Valentine ‘s Day to you cuck!” Lexi tilts the cucks head back by grabbing his scrappy hair and opens his mouth. Amadahy uses a spoon and deposits the first load into its mouth. The cuck gags and coughs. Some cum is spit out but most of it goes into his stomach. Then there is another spoon full. And another. Then another. The cuck is pleading for them to stop. Amadahy is insistent the cuck recycle all of its filth. The last bits are poured right into its mouth from the container. The cuck has gagged and choked down most of its own cum down into its stomach. The cuck s then to lick up all of its drippings. “Happy Valentine’s day cuckold!” Amadahy gloats. (8:43 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Lexi, masturbation, cum eating, cum eating, extreme verbal humiliation, cuck humiliation, and spooning of cum into cucks mouth. .

8 minutes




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