Amadahy and Lexi – Empty Used Condoms into Cucks Mouth and Stomach (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Lexi – Empty Used Condoms into Cucks Mouth and Stomach (720 HD)

720 HD The cuck is in trouble. Amadahy decided that the cuck will have to eat Lexi’s boyfriends cum from his condoms he used when he fucked Lexi. This was probably one of the hardest scenes the cuck has ever had to shoot. Amadahy insists that he eats Lexis boyfriends cum from the condoms. She pries open it mouth and Lexi empties the contents of the condom into its mouth. The cuck gags and coughs as Lexi pours it in. The cuck Is utterly humiliated by this. The cuck eventually swallows it all. The cuck actually cries from the humiliation. The girls then throw the now empty condoms into its mouth like it is a garbage can. Amadahy then tapes his mouth shut with band aids. The girls continue to get dressed for their dates. Lexis boyfriends cum is in the cucks stomach and his condoms are in his taped shut mouth. Amadahy was not satisfied with the contents of its wallet earlier. The cuck is going to have to go to the ATM for a . This clip has highlight videos at the end. (10:17 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Lexi, emotional cruelty, financial domination, pouring cum from condom into slaves mouth, gagging and spitting up of cum by cuck.

10 minutes




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