Amadahy and Lexi – Extreme Humiliation and Brain Re-Wire of Cuck (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Lexi – Extreme Humiliation and Brain Re-Wire of Cuck (720 HD)

720 HD: This clip starts off with extreme verbal humiliation. The cuck has been getting too pushy and his Princess. He is jealous of her boyfriend. Amadahy and Lexi put the cuck in its place. His virginity is mocked and he is told to start stroking for the girls. He is to goon and humiliate himself for them. He is to masturbate as Amadahy tells him the most emotionally damaging things. The cuck is desperate to cum. He masturbates and strokes for the mean girls as they tell him how he is a wallet and toilet for pretty girls to use. Amadahy then gets one of her boyfriends used condoms and empties it into his mouth. The cuck chokes it down. He looks like an idiot as it strokes away with a condom held in his mouth. The cuck then cums onto a plate. Amadahy uses his tongue to mop up the cum off the plate. Just buy this clip. This is a Brat Princess classic clip that has to be seen to be believed. Amadahy was really mad at this cuck for being jealous of her boyfriend. After this clip the cuck realized what Amadahy thinks of it. Cucks and wallets have to buy this clip. This is what pretty girls think of the losers that they dominate. Amadahy rewires the cucks brain until he knows his place. (16:17 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Lexi, brain re-wire, EXTREME verbal humiliation, cum eating, JOI, condom dumpster, gooning, and financial domination.

16 minutes




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