Amadahy and Lola – Demonstrate Reprogramming at the Edging Salon (1080 HD)



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Amadahy and Lola – Demonstrate Reprogramming at the Edging Salon (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Some Princesses have asked, why bring My slave to the Edging Salon? Why not just reprogram it Myself? This clip addresses these very questions. Amadahy and Lola demonstrate the automated and fully immersive reprogramming features offered by the facilities at the Edging Salon. They explain that the full immersion of virtual reality with the ceaselessness of automated machine edging combine to provide a much quicker and deeper reprogramming over traditional methods. The automation of the edging salon also means Princess has more time to enjoy Herself, spending time with her boyfriend, relaxing poolside, or shopping. The Edging Salon is especially great for Princesses with a lot of slaves, because she can efficiently drop off multiples for rewiring all at once. Amadahy and Lola demonstrate their methods with a slave currently in the process of a full brain rewire. Today it is undergoing a general mind cleanser and ego elimination program. This slave is being shown Brat Princess clips as part of its rewire, but a Princess can also provide her own mind poison if she wishes. The monitor display shows the practitioners and the spectators exactly what the slave subject is being to watch. Another question weve frequently been asked is why is the slave electroshocked as its rewired? The answer is that in order for the Female poison to sink deeply into the slaves subconscious, the subject must be kept at the height of sexual arousal for the duration of the entire reprogramming. For this reason, it is edged. The automated milking machine is tireless, it can provide constant and consistent sexual stimulation. The subject, however must be prohibited from ever actually cumming. An orgasm would provide the sexual release it desires and therefore terminate the session as the desired depth of subconscious reprogramming could no longer be achieved once the subject is sexually sated. Therefore, Edging Salon practitioners have combined undesirable sensations with the pleasure sensations. The painful electroshocks prevent it from cumming and achieving sexual satisfaction. This keeps the slave on edge and at the height of sexual arousal for the entire duration of the rewire. When the sensorial immersion is this intense and complete, it only takes the matter of a few hours before the mind of the slave is completely blank and primed for new programming. To any Princesses still harboring any doubt as to the advantages of reprogramming your slaves at the Edging Salon, we have one final pitch. The Edging Salon is fully equipped with a sauna, restaurant, nail salon, pool and bar. Princess, all of your slaves credit cards will be kept on file for you. Youll be given a wrist fob, so anything you would like while relaxing here will be automatically deducted from your slaves bank accounts with simply a swipe of your wrist. Dont feel like staying on site? We can keep your slave here indefinitely in our kennel. Go out of town with your hot boyfriend and know that when you come back your slave will be ready to pick up fully reprogrammed into the toilet or wallet or whore you wish it to be! (13:53 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, Lola, Female Domination, Edging, Milking Machines, Brain Rewire, Degradation, Clinical Dehumanization

14 minutes




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