Amadahy and Tiffani – Bitchy Mean Brat Girls Dominate Teacher with their Boots (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Amadahy and Tiffani – Bitchy Mean Brat Girls Dominate Teacher with their Boots (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: Tiffani and Amadahy are angry at Mr. Woodman. Their weakling of a teacher who has a foot fetish is being blackmailed by the girls. These girls want Mr. Woodman to lick their dirty boots clean. The girls are complete bitches to Mr. Woodman. Amadahy stands right on Mr. Woodman as she wipes her boots on his tongue. The girls start talking about another teacher Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is not like Mr. Woodman at all. The girls love Mr. Johnson. He is so hot. They gush about how much better he is then Mr. Woodman. The girls keep humiliating Mr. Woodman. He buys them stuff and they make fun of his foot fetish. The girls taunt Mr. Woodman about the boot print he has on his chest and how he will have to explain it to his next class. The girls want their boots clean for Mr. Johnson. The girls laff and laff at Mr. Woodman. The girls then start telling Mr. Woodman how he has to buy things for them or they will tell. They want these things at the mall and he has to buy them for him. They want to look good for Mr. Johnson. Amadahy and Tiffani start spitting in his face as the girls tell him right to his face they plan to max out a new credit card on prom dresses. (11:32 long)

Clip contains: trample, boot fetish, wiping boots on tongue, financial domination, bitchy students dominating their teacher, spitting, verbal humiliation, ugly teacher being compared to a good looking teacher the girls love, exploitation, blackmail, extreme mean girls and brat girls.

11 minutes




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