Amadahy – Beaten Cuck Jerks Off and Eats its own Cum (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Beaten Cuck Jerks Off and Eats its own Cum (720 HD)

720 HD: The cuck was beaten, then to worship ass while being verbally humiliated. Now it is time to sexualize this . The cuck is to masturbate by direction of Princess Amadahy. Amadahy removes the chastity key from her ankle and unlocks the desperate cuck. Amadahy begins by slapping the cucks face. She is standing in front of the cuck completely naked. The cuck is desperate to cum. She spits on his small penis for lube and gives the order to stroke. The cuck is informed he will masturbate into his hands just like a jerker at home watching the video does. She then gives the cuck directions to lick up its own cum. The cuck is jerking desperately. Amadahy attacks the cuck verbally and emotionally as he strokes. “Bill by bill I take out cash from you just like you are an ATM machine to you” She makes the cuck look at his goon face in the mirror while he strokes. She counts it down from 10 and the cuck cum into his hand. She stuffs her fingers and fucks the cucks mouth with her fingers. The cuck finally cums all over his hands “Guess where it’s going to go? Back in you!” The cuck is to lick his hands and the floor of all his cum. Amadahy spits right in his face while he is licking up his cum. She makes the cuck say the name of her current boyfriend. The cuck will have to eat all of his condoms as well. The cuck is learning to be a cum dumpster! One of the best BP clips ever! (12:43 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, masturbation, cum eating, cum eating, extreme verbal humiliation, cuck humiliation, financial domination, and small penis humiliation .

12 minutes




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