Amadahy – Beats the Hired Help (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Beats the Hired Help (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy is every laborers nightmare. The economy has been so bad for several years now he is to take a job as a house cleaner. In order to keep his job he has to keep spoiled brat Amadahy happy. She makes the old poor fool wear a collar and she beats him regularly. The old fool is petrified when she tells him they she found dust bunnies under her bed. He is doomed for a terrible beating by his young pretty tormentor. Amadahy is furious about the dust bunnies under her bed. She really whips him hard and makes fun of his fat and how it jiggles from the beatings. The beating increases in intensity and eventually the servant crumples to the floor. This infuriates Amadahy. She was not done yet. Her step-dad who was listening to the whipping yells from the other side of the house and asks if she is beating the help again. Amadahy tells her Step-Dad that she is but it is because he did not do her chores like she told him to. The step-dad says OK but make sure she gets her homework done. Amadahy says that she loves her step-daddy and goes back to the beating. The servant is told while Amadahy beats him that he might be fired anyway. The servant is lying face down and Amadahy stands on his back and begins whipping him harder and harder. Her weight has him pinned to the floor. He is completely helpless to her. He can’t do anything with her standing on his back as she whips him harder and harder. Eventually she senses that he has stopped moving and groaning. That causes her to throw a fit and storm off to her bed room and slam the door shut. What a spoiled brat! (12:17 long)

Clip contains: whipping, rich spoiled brat girl whipping the hired help, dust bunnies under a bed, verbal humiliation, extreme Brat Princess behavior, and trampling while whipping.

12 minutes




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