Amadahy – Beta Males First Time serving Princess Part 2 (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Beta Males First Time serving Princess Part 2 (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahys new slave has given itself over to her. In Part 1, she introduced it to foot and shoe worship. Now, she sits on the new slaves face for the first time. Amadahy bounces her beautiful butt on his face. She reveals to the slave that its face isnt for talking or thinking. His face is just her toy. Amadahy grinds on her toy. She sits full weight and kicks her feet happily. The slave squirms. Amadahy wants to see the slaves eyes get redder and redder as she smothers him in her pussy. With the slaves nose pressed against her, she reminds him that her pussy is for boyfriends only. Amadahy puts the slave in its first scissorhold. She locks and squeezes with her thighs. The slave taps out. Amadahy puts the slave in a second hold. The slaves face turns purple. It tries to tap, but Amadahy knows he can take more. Amadahy enjoys her lollypop with her thighs clamped around the slaves neck. She sits on the slaves chest and thrusts her feet into the slaves mouth. I own you, Amadahy concludes as she bites into the lollypop. (12:27 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Brat Girl, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Scissorhold, Foot Worship

12 minutes




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