Amadahy – Brain Re-Wire (Man into Toilet) (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Brain Re-Wire (Man into Toilet) (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy is a very smart young dominant girl. She understands how to re wire the brains of men. She wants this cuck loser to be a toilet and not to desire fucking women. The loser has been locked in chastity for so long he will do anything to be out. Amadahy tells him he can get a release if he agrees to be a toilet for her and her friends. “Every time a girl says open your mouth you keep your mouth open until she’s done. Isn’t that right toilet? You are nothing but a toilet and this all you will ever be. Say it!” The cuck repeats what she tells him to say. She squats over his mouth and shows him how she will use him as a toilet. Once the slave agrees to be her toilet she throws him his chastity key. She makes him fetch the keys and allows him to remove the tube so he can jerk off on his knees at her feet. While he jerks off she stands naked in front of him. She verbally destroys him. She tells him to stroke. She tells him how he will never amount to anything. She tells him how much he disgusts her and how he is nothing but a toilet and that is all he will ever be. The horrible things that come out of Amadahy’s mouths are so cruel and so hurtful. You have to buy this clip. While she is saying these horrible things to him, the cuck is feverously masturbating. This has the effect of re wiring the bbbrain of the cuck. He cums at her feet while listening to these horrible words. She even makes the cuck lick his hand after he jerks off. The cuck is left absolutely ruined by this. Used as a toilet and made to lick his own cum is a new low for this cuck. (5:18 long)

Clip contains: toilet slavery fantasy, simulated human toilet, JOI, jerk of instruction, jerking off at the feet of an 18 year old dominant bitch while she verbal humiliates him, extreme emotional humiliation, using a slaves masturbation to re wire brain to crave humiliation, humiliation, cum eating, being to lick up cum off of hand after masturbating, and degradation.

5 minutes




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