Amadahy – Chastity Slave Edged for an Hour then Punished (DVD)



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Amadahy – Chastity Slave Edged for an Hour then Punished (DVD)

DVD: Amadahy has thought of a new game to play. The slaves chastity device has been removed and he has been strapped into the male milking machine. Amadahy reveals to the slave that he is about to be machine edged for a full hour. The rules of the game are as follows. Each time the slave thinks its about to cum, it must say, Princess, please, im about to cum. Every time this phrase is uttered, Amadahy will make a mark in her notebook. Each mark indicates another day the slave will have to spend in chastity. If the slave cums before the hour is up, it will be punished. The slave has no idea what the punishment will be, but Amadahy assures him it will be terrible. The slaves beta male penis is already very sensitive from being in chastity for three months. It only takes a few strokes of the machine for the slave to earn itself a day back in chastity. How funny! In the background, a timer counts down the seconds the slave has lasted. The slave focuses on a spot on the ceiling. He is trying so hard not to cum before the hour is up. Amadahy notices and reminds him of all the time he has left. She rides the slaves hooded face. It just keeps earning more and more time in chastity. Amadahy the slave to watch its dick being milked. She bounces her butt on the slaves face. The slave is really struggling to last the final seven minutes. The final three minutes are extremely difficult for the slave. Amadahy commands the slave to stay silent. It obeys. The slave quietly cums with 50 seconds remaining. Amadahy is having too much fun. She sits on its face and tells him time isnt up. At first, she doesnt even notice that shes won. Amadahy asks if the slave came before the hour was up. The slave is too ashamed of its weak-will and fearful of its punishment to admit that it did. When she removes the machine, she realizes there is cum in the milking tube. Confronted with the shameful evidence, the slave confesses that he came before his time was up. Amadahy reveals the punishment. The slave will be locked into a steel chastity tube. Because of his guilty admission, his red marks will be converted into weeks, not days. The slave moans and objects. Amadahy throws a bag of frozen vegetables onto the slaves dick. She panty gags it, then leaves the room. (30:19 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, EDGING GAMES, Female Domination, male milking machine, chastity, male bondage

30 minutes




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