Amadahy – Cow Must Increase Production for Spring Break (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Cow Must Increase Production for Spring Break (720 HD)

720 HD: In the Brat Princess Lab, Amadahy shows a few different outfits to a cow. She instructs it to moo when it likes the color. The cow likes white. Amadahy changes into the white outfit in front of the cow to tease it. While she changes, she informs the cow that its Princess is going on spring break. Because its Princess will need more money for spring break, they have decided to double the cows time on the milking bench. Amadahy straddles the cows face and grinds. The cows orgasm level quickly reaches 90%. It receives a denial shock to prevent orgasm. After the shock, its pre-cum production rate drops too low. Amadahy tries to cheer the cow up. She reminds it how much its Princess will enjoy spending spring break on the beach with her boyfriend. She offers to even let the cow see a picture of his Princess enjoying a daiquiri later. An assistant enters. One of the vials of pre-cum has just tested bad in the laboratory. The girls hold the cows head and the bad pre-cum down its throat. This practice is called recycling, and is common practice. The cow gags. As the assistant leaves, she reveals that the bad pre-cum wasnt produced by this particular cow. Amadahy laughs, Wow, sucks to be you! Amadahy gets her phone and shows the cow photos of his Princess enjoying the life he provides for her. She tells the cow hes going to have to meet a two week deadline to pay for his Princess Cancun vacation. Amadahy tells the cow to remember to moo, when it likes something. The cow moos as Amadahy rides its face. As she grinds, the cows orgasm rates skyrocket. Amadahy adjusts the machine to pulse faster and teases the milking tube with her butt. She detects a single tear in the cows eye. The cow is now at top production rates. It nearly orgasms. Amadahy warns the cow, if it does manage to actually cum, its going to be ball kicked as punishment. The tube keeps steadily milking, but the shock prevents the cows orgasm. Amadahy decides to take the cow out and ball kick it anyway. (20:37 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, FEMALE DOMINATION, male milking machine, bondage male

20 minutes




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