Amadahy – Cuck Helps Brat Princess Try on Lingerie (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Cuck Helps Brat Princess Try on Lingerie (720 HD)

720 HD: Robert is such a good sport. Amadahy’s real man boyfriend is out with his guy friends playing and watching sports. Amadahy is a good girl friend and is spending the entire afternoon making sure her lingerie outfit for after dinner tonight is perfect for HIM. She wants her boyfriend to be happy. Robert, a cuckold, is there to help Amadahy get ready for her date. He paid for her shopping and is now spending his afternoon helping her try on her panties. She could break a nail if she had to put on and take off her panties by herself. Amadahy has cuck Robert locked up tight in chastity so it does not matter if he sees her naked body. Amadahy stands naked in front of her cuck and does not think anything of it. He is just another object in the room. Robert is a good cuck. Cuck helps her off and on with several pairs of panties. The cuck keeps his hands neatly folded behind his back when he is not using them. Amadahy even uses phrases like “Go fetch the green ones”. Robert is such a good sport about it he goes and fetches her panties for her. She constantly asks Robert if he thinks her boyfriend will like a particular outfit. Robert spends his entire afternoon waiting on Amadahy hand and foot. She even wipes her ass off on his tongue. “Fetch Red”, Amadahy calmly states. Robert goes scurrying off for the red bra and pantie set he bought for her. Robert is humiliated by Amadahy as she lets Robert know it is about her boyfriend. She constantly puts the cuck in his place making him say her boyfriend’s name and asking who will like these panties. She has such a good pet. Amadahy is just 18 years old and has Robert completely whipped. INCLUDES FREE PREVIEW OF ANOTHER VIDEO! (10:42 long)

Clip contains: chastity, cuck helping a Princess try on bra and pantie sets, emotional humiliation, humiliation, and cuck serving his Princess for her boyfriend’s benefit.

10 minutes




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