Amadahy – Cuck Used as Outfit Tester and ATM (Part 2) (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Cuck Used as Outfit Tester and ATM (Part 2) (720 HD)

720 HD: In part 2 the cucks frustration really builds. While she is out on her date the cuck will have to do her chores. He wanted to watch a ball game on TV but she is instructing the cuck sitter she hired to not allow him to watch. Amadahy gives the young cuck a writing assignment. He will have to write a humiliating phrase 100 times instead of watching the game. He has to write how sexy her boyfriend Carlos is. She then makes the cuck bring his wallet and empties it right in front of him. She rinses his wallet as the cuck changes her outfit yet again. The cuck is being devastated emotionally and financially in this clip. The cuck is on his knees while Amadahy counts the cash she rinsed form his wallet. She lets the cuck knows that she loves her boyfriend. She does not love the cuck. She counts the money she took right in his face. The cuck is devastated. The cuck begins to beg for release but Amadahy is firm. There will be no orgasm for the cuck tonight. Amadahy decides to let her cuck worship her ass before the date. Amadahy is so mean to her cuck. She rinsed him, teased him, humiliated him, and now she will use him as an ass cleaner before her date. Amadahy knows how to treat and train a cuck. While the cuck laps her ass, Amadahy counts his cash and verbally destroys the cuck. (14:04 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, outfit testing, dressing princess for a date, psychological devastation, emotional sadism, cuckold training, lifestyle femdom, financial domination, money counting, cuck rinsing, ass worship, thong sucking, whimpering cuck .

14 minutes




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