Amadahy – Cuckold Serves Princess while Taking Bath (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Cuckold Serves Princess while Taking Bath (720 HD)

720 HD: While Goddess Amadahy was getting fucked by her boyfriend, her cuckold was busy getting her bath ready. The cuck is now to wash and bathe Princess while she mocks him for being a loser. She looks at him with disgust as he washes her. Then her boyfriend calls her. She makes her cuck answer the phone for her. “Goddess Amadahy’s cell phone”, says the cuck. “Yes Sir”, and it hands the phone over to his Goddess. Now the cuck listens to Amadahy talk to her boyfriend about the amazing sex they just had. She even teases his chastity tube. She just casually tickles his balls and playfully bats his balls as she chats with her bull boyfriend. Then the cuck is to dry her off as she steps out of the shower. Then Goddess Amadahy makes the cuck drink a toast to what else but her boyfriend! But the cuck is not going to drink wine like Goddess is. The cuck is to use a cup and Amadahy scoops up some bath water for him to drink. The Goddess drinks wine and the cuck drinks her bath water. “To my amazing boyfriend. Cheers!” The cuck drinks the bath water. Amadahy looks absolutely amazing in this clip. You have to buy this clip!

Clip contains: Amadahy, emotional sadism, Princess taking a bath, nude, and domestic cuckold talk.

9 minutes




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