Amadahy – Destroys a Young Cuck (Toilet) (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Destroys a Young Cuck (Toilet) (720 HD)

720 HD: Slave Robert is upset. Today is release day from chastity. The problem is Amadahy and her step-sister want to go shopping tomorrow. Amadahy knows that if robert is horny he will be more likely to just let go and let the wallet happen. Both Amadahy and her step-sister will run his credit cards way up. He is so frustrated he can’t stop them when he is this sexually frustrated. Robert is to worship her ass and suck her thing while Amadahy gives the cuck a verbal beat down. She tells Robert she plans to cuckold him with her boyfriend. There will be a part of both of them inside Roberts’s stomach. She thinks it is a great gift. Roberts’s key is worn on her belly chain and it is right in his face. Amadahy does not want to milk robert but she does not want him to drip in front of her boyfriend. Robert will have to wear her panties to keep him from dripping on the foor. She makes Robert get her ready for her boyfriend with his tongue. Then she tells Robert how she will use him as a toilet after her boyfriend cums inside of her. Amadahy’s pussy fits perfectly inside her cucks mouth. Robert is left in the bathroom. He will count the orgasms that Jordan gives her. He will then be used to clean her up afterwards. He will sit on the bathroom floor and to raise the toilet seat for Jordan when he comes in. He is not allowed to look into her boyfriend’s eyes. He can only look at his feet. This video has EXTREME emotionally devastating verbal humiliation for a young cuck. A Brat Princess classic! (12:11 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, thong sucking, ass worship, chastity key dangling, crotchless panties, emotional sadism, boyfriend worship, boyfriend courtesy, financial domination, cuck being to wear panties, cuck warming up girl for boyfriend, simulated toilet, placing pussy directly over slaves mouth while girl describes how he will be used.

12 minutes




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