Amadahy – Dress Me Cuck for my Boyfriend (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Dress Me Cuck for my Boyfriend (720 HD)

720 HD: The only thing worst then having to buy lingerie for a girl to wear for another man is to help her put it on. Amadahy just had the cuck pay for a mani pedi and would not want to ruin her nails or stockings for James. Everything just has to be perfect for Him. She makes the cuck put on her stockings, bra, panties and heels. Just to rub it in further she makes him lick and worship her ass. The Princess knows what it is doing to the cuck. His penis is crying! Amadahy just increase his humiliation. Her step-sister wants to go shopping. Not only does James get to fuck the out of her, the cuck has to take Amadahy’s little step-sister shopping! Amadahy makes the cuck place his chastity key on her ankle. She promises the cuck that her little step-sister is going to wallet him good at the mall. There’s lots of stuff she wants. The cuck also is told that he will be used as a toilet this weekend by all of her friends. They all plan to go to the bathroom in his mouth and stomach. One of the most humiliating and erotic Brat Princess clips ever. BUY THIS CLIP! (11:43 long)

Clip contains: cuck dressing naked Princess, cuckold, chastity, verbal humiliation, financial domination, and emotional sadism.

11 minutes




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