Amadahy – Face Hump a Toilet Cuck in Chastity (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Face Hump a Toilet Cuck in Chastity (720 HD)

720 HD: Merry Christmas from Brat Princess. Slave Robert is being used up by the girls. In this clip Robert is used as a sex toy by Amadahy. Her boyfriend had to work so she decides to ride his face to a satisfying orgasm. Robert is locked up tight in his tiny pink bird lock chastity tube. It’s a mini! It is tight. She humiliates the cuck by first asking him if he picked up her boyfriend’s laundry from the dry cleaners. Robert brings his laundry in for her to inspect. Then the cuck helps her off with her amazing dress. Then Amadahy mounts his face and begins fucking it. At the end Amadahy explains to Robert that she knows that Robert is in love with her but she does not love him back. His personality and looks makes that impossible. But she loves things about him. She loves that he does what he is told and he is her pretty little toilet. Amadahy looks amazing in this clip. The cuck has to look at his key to his chastity tube dangling from her belly ring as she grinds herself into his face. THIS CLIP ALSO INCLUDES BONUS HIGHLIGHTS FROM: “BP – Mean Girls Older Cleaning Lady and Janitor “. The highlights are amazing! (18:51 long)

Clip contains: face sitting, face riding, chastity, toilet talk, verbal humiliation, and mean girl

16 minutes




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