Amadahy – Face Slap Re-Wire into Ass Licking Addict (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Face Slap Re-Wire into Ass Licking Addict (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy loves re wiring male brains. She knows they love her ass and so she can use that to get them to accept other things. In this video she is teaching a slave to be slapping dummy for her and her friends at the next bikini pool party. She viciously slaps the old idols face and then allows it to lick her amazing ass. The chastity tube keeps him in his place. The ass worship then trains him to accept the slaps. It loves her ass so the licking re wires his brain into liking face slaps. Soon Amadahy can just slap his face as hard and as long as she can stand the trauma. The slaps are vicious in this clip. The slave had a very large black eye and was humbled by being slapped by a 19 year old wearing a bikini and heel. Amadahy is a sadist and loves using inferior losers as play toys. Her sadism really comes out in her facial expressions as she delivers the blows to its skull.
This clip also has a highlight video at the end of an amazing ball busting movie!

Clip contains: vicious face slapping, ass worship, ass licking, chastity teasing, brain re wire of older male by younger female, turning a man into a slapping dummy for parties. .

14 minutes




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