Amadahy – Foot Worship by Cuck (Say My Boyfriends Name) (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Foot Worship by Cuck (Say My Boyfriends Name) (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy is driving her cuck insane. She openly discusses her upcoming date with her boyfriend while her cuck is locked up tight in chastity worshipping her feet. Amadahy loves her boyfriend and loves having her cuck help pick out outfits to wear for him. Her boyfriend is what is important to her not her stupid cuck. Amadahy loves to tease her cuck with her amazing ass. She lies on her stomach and arches her back and wiggles her ass right in his face while he sucks her toes. The cuck is just so frustrated. Amadahy giggles at his predicament. He is so desperate for release. She makes the cuck say her boyfriend’s name over and over. She wants the cuck to suffer the humiliation of dressing her for a man. She wants the cuck to say her boyfriend’s name and to know what his favorite color is. This way the cuck knows what color lingerie to buy! Amadahy is so mean she teases the cuck’s chastity tube with her feet. She stuffs her foot in the cucks mouth and makes him say her boyfriend’s name and to repeat where they are going out to dinner. (8:23 long)

Clip contains: cuckold, foot worship, humiliation, ass addict, humiliating loser cuck by constant comparison to amazing boyfriend, and mean girls.

8 minutes




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