Amadahy – His First Day as a Cow (720 HD)



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Amadahy – His First Day as a Cow (720 HD)

720 HD: In the Brat Princess Lab, Amadahys cow has reached the point of male exhaustion. It is not producing any more pre-cum and must be motivated. Amadahy gives the failing cow a stern talking to. If it doesnt start trying to cum, it will receive a penalty shock. The penalty shocks can be pretty hard, Amadahy warns. The exhausted cow remains unmotivated. It receives a penalty shock. Amadahy sits on its face. The cow remains somewhat unmotivated. Amadahy strokes its milking tube. She gently explains that if the cow doesnt put in a better effort to produce, it will keep getting shocked. Amadahy sits full weight on the cows face and smothers him in her ass. The cow starts to increase its pre-cum production nicely. The cow soon finds that it is not only shocked as a penalty for unproductivity, but it is also shocked when it comes too close to orgasm. The goal is to collect only pre-cum, and a full orgasm could ruin a whole batch. A cows session on the milking bench involves five full hours of edging. Amadahy sits on the cows face in a lace thong and crosses her arms. She loves her job as teaser and is so thrilled that this male is working out as a cow. She always knew he would be great at something! Thankfully, she was able to convince Empress Jennifer not to castrate it! This will be the cows purpose in life from now on. Amadahy sits on the cows face and starts to grind. She discovers that every time the cow gets shocked, she can feel it in her clit! She bounces her ass and wiggles her hips. Again, the cow receives a painful shock and Amadahy gets a pleasant tingle in her clit! Amadahy kicks her feet as she rocks her full weight on the cow. She reminds the cow that he isnt hooked up to the machine for his pleasure. Its so that She can make money and get what She wants. If the cow cant produce on a consistent basis, it will be brutally kicked in its worthless balls. Im really looking forward to ball busting you, Amadahy knowingly warns the new cow. (20:18 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, FEMALE DOMINATION, male milking machine, bondage male

20 minutes




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