Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Corporal Lab in the Hall (1080 HD)



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Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Corporal Lab in the Hall (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Jennifers favorite class at Brat Princess University is Corporal Punishment. But she doesnt feel like going today because its like a three hour lab and the mall will be closed by the time class gets out. Jennifer has a great idea. She figures if she does the lab now, then she can ditch class and get to the mall in time. Jennifer calls the janitor over to her locker. She asks the janitor to help her with her lab credits. The janitor agrees to help her with anything she needs. Jennifer takes out a flogger out of her locker. She hits the janitor. The whole clique takes turns beating the janitor for lab credit. Sissy jane gazes on wearing a pink pony tail butt plug and chastity tube. She looks terrified as she eats a grape lollypop and nervously reviews her sissy material. Jennifer uses her cellphone to record Amadahy beating the janitor. Jennifer pulls out a riding crop from her locker next. She strikes the janitor while saying to the witnesses, Make sure to remember to tell the teacher that I did this, so I dont lose my credits! She gives the janitor a good whack. Jenna joins in and soon the whole girl gang is giving the janitor a locker beat down. Jennifer pulls out a cane for extra credit. Dont break my cane! She tells the janitor right before its back breaks the cane. You broke my cane! She tells the janitor as she beats it with the broken stick. Dont cry you look gross! Jennifer tells it. And get away from my locker! The janitor crawls away as the gaggle of girls heads off to the mall. (12:14 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, Jenna, Jennifer, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Beatdowns, Flogging, caning, Humiliation

12 minutes




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